Bullet Bill
CMB Bullet Bill
Full Name Bullet Bill
Nicknames Beep Beep Coming Through Guy
Species Bullet Bill
First Appearance Quest for the Mushroom
Latest Appearance Evil Prevails?

Bullet Bill is a recurring character in Cute Mario Bros.


Quest for the Mushroom

Bullet Bill first met Mario and Luigi in Quest for the Mushroom when he accidentally smacked into Luigi and injured him. He didn't mean this, though, as in the end when Luigi has recovered, he says that he's sorry and that he's actually a friendly Bullet Bill, and all the others are enemies.

Halloween Special

In Halloween Special, Bullet Bill tries to steal Mario, Luigi, and Jack's candy with Bowser and Wario. When Donkey Kong comes to defeat the bad guys, Bullet Bill gets thrown in a weird boo-basket thingy by Donkey Kong. Strangely, in this episode, he's a bad guy

Evil Prevails?

In Evil Prevails, Bullet Bill is in the army that Bowser created to defeat the Cute Mario Bros.


  • Bullet Bill's relationship with Mario and friends is questionable. In Quest for the Mushroom, he becomes friends with Mario and Luigi, but in future episodes, he is seen helping the bad guys, such as assisting Wario in the beginning of Friend or Foe?, assisting Wario and Bowser in Halloween Special, and assisting Bowser in Evil Prevails? Jack even calls Bullet Bill his arch-nemesis in Evil Prevails. It is assumed that Bullet Bill was once friends with Mario and co., but is now evil. That, or he is neutral and doesn't really care about which side he chooses.