Cute Mario Bros - Cousin Malleo

Cute Mario Bros - Cousin Malleo

Cousin Malleo

Malleo Has Come Over To Visit Mario And Luigi's House They Made Pasta Together They Open Jack's Cereal Together They Go To The Pool Together And Mario Left His House But Tomorrow Malleo's Gone And Mario Came Back Home Weegee Jumpscared Them

Creator: Jacoby Davis

Storyboard Writers: George Williamson, Megan Daniel

Screenwriters: Andrew Kline, Ethan Martin, Ron Moore

Director: Evan Thompson


Mario gets a letter that his cousin Malleo is going to be visiting. Mario is so excited until Malleo turns out to be better then Mario and all of his friends want to hang out with him instead. Malleo helps Jack by opening his Cereal, and makes an awesome pasta. Mario becomes jealous, and eventually Malleo even wins the heart of Mario's Wife, Peach. Mario gets sad and runs away to his treehouse. Luigi finds him and everything is OK again, but Mario comments "what would you think if it was Cousin Weegee?" as Weegee appears and Luigi Got Jumpscared




  • This episode proved the existence of Chain Chomp and Goomba from Evil Prevails?.
  • The voices of Chain Chomp and Goomba are both Jonathan Harris and Steve Silverman.
  • Interestingly, the song Friday which was Luigi's favorite song in this episode, was pulled from YouTube in June 2011, before being reuploaded again in September 2011.
  • Because of the ending, many users have been asking for a Cousin Weegee episode on MarioMario8989's YouTube channel.
  • This the first episode where Toad actually speaks English for once. Only voiced by Jennifer Garrett.
  • Although the song Friday is Luigi's favorite song, Friday is hated by a lot of people, which can be told by the dislike bar in the video for a split second.