Cute Mario Bros - Death of Mario?

Cute Mario Bros - Death of Mario?

Mario Got Hit By A Car And Died He Became As Boo Luigi Does Not Like It When He Sees Him Dressed Like That He Took Him To See Frogger They Prayed And Mario Died And Gone To Hell


Luigi is going on a spy mission and decides to bring Mario along to help him as a Assistant After looking at the computer monitor they realized that the Canadian Minister has sent them on a mission to save Jack. Jack is surrounded by Hammer Bro Bowser Waluigi Wario Chain Chomp Koopa and Goomba and Mario and Luigi Killed them with ease. They give them the Cereal and everyone decides to go to Macdonald's instead By leaving Jack by himself. Mario and Luigi hate the Cereal saying that they tasted Stupid Mario then gets accidentally ran over and dies. Luigi rushes him to the hospital, only to find out he is dead. Luigi then decides to Take A Nap but Mario is right next to him and asks for food. Luigi panics and runs but finds out Mario does not want to hurt him. Jack then comes out of the bathroom and Mario shows him he is a ghost. Mario then starts scaring Mickey Batman Peach Toad And Yoshi but then decides just to stop and eats pizza that Luigi bought him from Domino's Mario cannot taste it though, and Luigi decides to call Frogger, for ghost removal. They send him to Heaven but find that Mario went to Hell instead. The leader says that Mario should not have scared his friends but to give Mario a second chance. Mario then decides to wait until he comes back, but Kermit then pops up and Jumpscared Him