Mario And Wario Want To Become Friends Luigi Hates It When Mario And Wario Do That


Wario has kidnapped Peach and Toad, and robbed the First National Bank. He is about to make a getaway when Mario Enters In . Wario sends Bullet Bill after him, but Luigi jumps in just in time to knock him away. Yoshi enters in and Mario jumps on him, and defeats Wario. Then Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad return to the Cute Mario House. Later, Wario is sulking in a tree. He decides to become good and shows up at Mario's house with some flowers. They become best friends and play, but Luigi is Jealous that Wario is using Mario for a trick. Mario does not care and continues to hang out with him anyway. However, Wario decides to play a "game" with Mario by hanging him over a bowl of lava which he calls happy juice. However, just as Wario is about to finish Mario off, Luigi comes in with Yoshi and saves him. Mario tells Wario their friendship is over.