Frogger MChanson
Frogger MChanson
Full Name Frogger MChanson
Species Frog
First Appearance Death of Mario?

Frogger MChanson is a frog who removes ghosts. 


Frogger's personality is quite unknown, but he is pretty nice.


Frogger is a round frog with green skin and bloodshot eyes.

He also wears a chef hat and an orange T-shirt.


Death of Mario?

In Death of Mario, Mario wanted himself to not be a ghost and anymore because he can't taste food, and he was particulary upset that he can't taste pizzaLuigi told Mario that there might be somebody that could help him. So, he looked through a long list of phone numbers, and he eventually saw Ghost Removal-Frogger MChansen. So, he called Frogger's phone number, which was 1-800-Ive-got-ghosts. So Mario and Luigi waited for him, then he eventually came. At first, Mario and Luigi were scared because, before he came, the lights turned off. Then, the door opened, and out came Frogger. Luigi told Frogger that Mario died and his ghost is haunting him, so Luigi asked Frogger if he could free Mario's soul. Frogger used a special trick with a bottle so he could see Mario, and Frogger could see him. So, Frogger said something to the spirits to make Mario's sould free. Mario had 10 seconds to say goodbye, then he left.


  • Frogger's last name MChanson is very similar to John MChansen's last name.
  • Frogger is probably the only character in the Cute Mario Bros. series to speak some Middle English. He said 'thee' when he was talking to the spirits.
  • He's from an older series called Elmo and Frogger, a show made before Cute Mario Bros.