Cute Mario Bros

Cute Mario Bros. - Home Alone

Home Alone
is an episode of Cute Mario Bros. from season 4 in which Luigi is home alone while Mario is out to get some chips and has a nightmare.


Mario and Luigi play the new Wii U in Luigi`s room. Luigi makes a Mii of himself that looks absolutely ridiculous that Luigi gets grounded off the Wii U for a week because Mario says that it is offensive and disgraceful to man kind. Mario then throws the gamepad away. Luigi gets hungry and Mario goes to get chips from the closet only to discover that they are all out, which they both scream over. Mario then goes to buy some more and ignores Luigi's beg to come. Luigi runs to his room and writes in his diary under the sheet about him all alone at his home. He then realizes being home alone is fun and that he can do anything! So he strips off his overalls, slides down the handrail, and attempts to jump off the cupboard into a bowl of water, which fails miserably. Luigi then goes to his room remarking that this was the best night ever when the power suddenly goes off. Luigi screams in the door as he looks for matches and lights some candles while singing a happy song, but the candles go out and Luigi does another entry. The door then creaks and Luigi wanders, then the mysterious Pylon Guy stalks at him Slender Man style. Luigi is then awakened by Mario. Luigi tells Mario about his dream. Then Mario introduces him to the Pylon Guy. Pylon Guy then smiles creepily.



  • This episode is based off the movie Home Alone, which is also the title of the video.
  • Mario asks why Luigi is naked although Luigi was wearing a shirt on.
  • The beginning of the video is similar to the beginning of Quest of the Mushroom, where Luigi also makes a Mii out of himself.