Jamaican Bear
Jamaican bear
Full Name Jamaican Bear
Species Bear
First Appearance Summer Fun 2
Latest Appearance Mystery of the Stolen Hat

Jamaican Bear is a character in Cute Mario Bros.

Portrayed by: Tim Randall


Summer Fun 2

In Summer Fun 2, Mario tells Luigi a scary story about Batman who wandered into the forest and got eaten by The Bear. Later, Luigi goes to the bathroom when he encounters The Bear, along with Batman, and it is revealed that The Bear was actually nice and only kidnapped Batman because he wanted a friend, because nobody liked him because he had stinky farts. Then, he helps Luigi scare Mario out of his house, and Bowser ends up "helping" as well.

Mystery of the Stolen Hat

Jamaican Bear appears in the Mystery of the Stolen Hat, when Luigi gets out and says "Hi Jamaican Bear!" and he replies "Ohh! You're so ugly!".


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