John MChansen is a recurring character on Cute Mario Bros. He is often shown hosting news casts that Mario and Luigi watch.


John MChansen is often seen laughing, whether it is about penguins or other random matters. When he's not laughing, he is an average news anchor, usually taking it seriously.


The Blue Terror

In the Blue Terror, while Mario and Luigi are watching the news, a news reporter (probably John MChansen) reports of recent sitings of portals in the forest and how they are extremely dangerous. He claims that many people have disappeared as a result of these portals and everyone should stay inside. Then, he sees something off camera and when he goes to investigate, growling is heard and the camera drops to the ground, implying that MChansen may have died.

Mario's Birthday

In Mario's Birthday, John MChansen makes his first appearance in the series. While Mario watches the news hosted by John MChansen, he is first shown laughing about some penguins that were sent to Africa. He also stated he was alive, meaning he somehow survived after he was attacked by the Blue Terror. MChansen goes on to question if Mario might be getting 'too old' and that Nintendo might need to choose a different mascot, such as Barney, Ronald McDonald, the Teletubbies, or even a homeless guy drinking at a pub. He closes


In this extra video (which has nothing to do with the Cute Mario Bros.), John MChansen instructs how to film an action/fight scene.

The Leprechaun

In the Leprechaun, John MChansen returns while Mario and Luigi are watching the news. He confirms that the penguins he sent to Africa years ago have died. Chanson also mentions that Leprechauns are active in the area and urges the viewers that they'll be set for life if they catch a leprechaun. This is his most recent appearance.