Cute Mario Bros - Luigi's Bad Luck

Cute Mario Bros - Luigi's Bad Luck

Luigi Has The Bad Luck But He Needs Good Luck


Mario and Luigi are playing the Nintendo DSi saying how better it is than the original, then they check what day it is today. Mario reads the calender and find it to be Friday the 13th. At first they do not remember what its about, when Mario suddenly remembers it as the day of bad luck. Luigi does not agree and says there is no such thing as bad luck. Mario then shows Luigi the basics on what not to do on the 13th. Mario then shows Luigi the umbrella, in which Luigi promptly boped Mario on the head with. He then dares Mario that if he opens the umbrella and nothing happens, he was right. Mario, too scared of the bad luck, runs in terror and hides behind the corner, watching. Luigi opens it and walks away, and then gets crushed by a giant shoe. After confronting Mario, who swears he didn't do it, Luigi goes into the kitchen for some frozen Pogos in which the door shuted on him and locked him in the freezer. Mario goes to get something from the fridge to see a frozen Luigi in there. He saves him and Luigi is now convinced that bad luck is cursing him. Mario then helps him at first, but then starts tricking him into doing stupid things. He makes Luigi run around saying "i'm a big fat idiot" a few times and then makes him drink lemon juice, and then he pushed him off a railing of a stairwell. Mario is then caught in the act and runs away crying to the fridge. He hits the calender to find it was not the 13th, in fact it was not even November. Jack was then found to do most of the bad luck saying he wanted to get attention. Mario and Luigi get upset and say they will never be friends again and leave. Jack then cried