Luigi Loves Daisy! - Cute Mario Bros

Luigi Loves Daisy! - Cute Mario Bros.

Jack goes on this dating app and shows it to Luigi. Luigi found this girl named daisy. Mario messes around with a text and then Luigi met Daisy. The idea didn't work but Daisy gave him a second chance and Luigi wrote her a song. Then, It showed the future of what may happen.

After that it worked and luigi kept getting text messages from her. Then, Daisy got very needy. Luigi wanted to reak up with her but, It didn't work. And then, Daisy wanted another love song. So then He made a another song from Mario which finally made them break up. So daisy jumped off the porch. Then with Peach they went to vegas on a rainbow.


  • The rainbow at the end had a guy under it.
  • This is daisy's debut.





Daisy (debut)

Narwhal (debut)