Luigi Needs A Haircut.

Creator: Jacoby Davis

Storyboard Writers: Ben Perry, Megan Daniel, Ethan Martin, Ron Moore

Writers: George Williamson, Ricky Howard, Andrew Kline

Director: Julie Newton

Character Apperances


Ian Anderson as Mario

Vincent Campos as Luigi

Brandon Kinney as Jack

Alex Reeves as Sylvester

Steve Silverman as Squidward


Mario, Jack, Sylvester, and Luigi are enjoying the nice weather when Luigi mentions that he hates windy days. Jack goes into a theory stating Luigi hates windy days because his hat will fly off and his bald head will show. He then states that he hates bald people, even though he, himself, is bald. Sylvester reveals this to him, causing Jack to fly into the air screaming. While Luigi names the insecurities of his friends, his hat flies off in the wind, causing everyone, even bald Jack, to laugh at him.

Later, Luigi goes to Squidward who shows him haircuts. Luigi selects " the coolest haircut ever" and Matthew gets to work (with Luigi screaming all the way). Luigi comes home and decides if he's going to have a cool haircut, then he can act cool, too. Luigi buys some Coca Cola and Jack follows him in, very excited about the new Nightmare Before Christmas video game. As part of his cool act, he lifts weights (Which Jack does, too). After that, he walks into the bathroom and gets a 1-up. But he fails because they were all out of them.Luigi then succeeds at finding a Star. He uses it, causing him to 'fly'.

After that he finds himself on the floor.  Mario walks in and sees him! Luigi shaked his head in surprise, causing his hair to fall off! He is discouraged.


. Matthew is just a Squidward plush.

. This episode is not recorded in the third season on Youtube. It was the episode that was directed by Julie Newton and created by Jacoby Davis.