Patrick Star
Full Name Patrick Star
Species Starfish
First Appearance Cute Mario Bros The Movie
Latest Appearance Mario's Birthday

Patrick Star is a character in Cute Mario Bros.


Mario's Birthday

In Mario's Birthday, Patrick Star is one of the people who come to Mario's birthday party.

The Blue Terror

In The Blue Terror, Patrick is at Kermit's funeral.

Cute Mario Bros The Movie

In Cute Mario Bros The Movie, Patrick Star is enlisted into the army which Mickey created for Mario and Luigi. When Mario's army fights Kermit's army in the forest, Patrick faces Sonic. Sonic punches Patrick in the stomach, but it just bounces off him and tickles him. Sonic does his special move, Sonic Rush, and charges at him, but he is flown back a long way, defeating Sonic. Later, he battles Kermit. When they are battling, Kermit punches him, but it just bounces off him. Kermit sees a leaf and gives it to Patrick to eat. When Patrick eats it, he starts to get hurt, then gets defeated.


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