Pikachu, to the right of Mario and Luigi.

Full Name Pikachu
Species Mouse Pokémon
First Appearance Super Spy Mario
Latest Appearance Meet the Wario Bros

Pikachu is a Mouse Pokémon

in Cute Mario Bros. He has a twin brother, although Pikachu appears more.


Super Spy Mario

In Super Spy Mario, Pikachu is an ally of Luigi, and is rescued as part of Mario and Luigi's first case together.

Meet the Wario Bros

In Meet the Wario Bros, Pikachu appears in the background while Mario and Luigi are fighting Wario and Waluigi.

The Pizza Dilemma

In The Pizza Dilemma, when Mario eats all the pizza Pikachu comments that he is obsessed with pizza, which makes Mario sad. He is then seen with Mario, Luigi and Mickey, but they don't know where Jack is, but they find him in a pizza box.

Mario's Birthday

In Mario's Birthday, Pikachu is one of the people who comes to Mario's birthday party with Pikachu 2.

Cute Mario Bros The Movie

In Cute Mario Bros The Movie, Pikachu and Sonic try to fight one will be mad.

The Blue Terror

In The Blue Terror, Pikachu at the end & Pikachu 2 and Pikachu to try help with Kermit.

A Christman Carol

In a Christmas Carol, the ghost of Christmas Present (disguised as Jack) goes to the past with Mario. After showing Mario a few stuff to try to make Mario like Christmas again, he went to Ricky's closet with Mario to show him Pikachu's Christmas. In the closet, Pikachu was crying because he didn't get any presents for Christmas. He stated that he was hungry, he had no food, it was cold in the closet, and nobody will remember him. It is unconfirmed what happened to Pikachu in the present, most likely someone took him in and gave him food, water and presents for Christmas while keeping him warm and he became happy.


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