Pilot Episode
Cute Mario Bros - Pilot Episode

Cute Mario Bros - Pilot Episode

Season 1
Episode Number 0
Released 2006
Super Spy Luigi: Get the Glasses!

Pilot Episode is the first episode of Cute Mario Bros..


Luigi gets out of bed and wakes up Mario to play. They decide to check the mail and find a "little small letter" from Princess Peach who is at the Tree Fort, presumably kidnapped. After walking outside for a while, they make it to the backyard gate, which they crawl under. After crossing several obstacles, they do the biggest "yahoo" of their life and make it to the Tree Fort. They stumble upon a huge river, with a big man-eating fish in it. However, they just cross the bridge instead, upsetting the fish who wanted something to eat. Then, they encounter a sad statue, and try to cheer it up by giving it a hug, but it yells at them. They get to the Tree Fort, but can't get in. They find a leaf, and do a spinning move to reach it. They become Cape Mario and Cape Luigi and fly into the Tree Fort. They encounter Bowser, and he traps them in the Tree Fort and they lose their capes. They hear Peach's cries from the roof, but fall deeper into the Tree Fort when Bowser drops rocks on them. Luigi uses a dartboard and a grappling hook and they get back up. They find Peach, but she is trapped in spikes. Mario and Luigi brainstorm and use a stick to clear the spikes out. The three then jump off the Tree Fort and Mario declares that it was a fun adventure.



  • As of this episode, Princess Peach has been captured one-billion-nine-hundred-and-one times.
  • The spinning move that Mario and Luigi do to get the leaf is from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.
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