The Pylon Guy was a vicious, malicious, murderous pylon-like man who stalked Luigi and the main antagonist of Home Alone. During Luigi's nightmare-via-knocked out, the Pylon Guy had unknowingly

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meet the pylon guy

entered the house, and put out the lights. After appearing before Luigi, the murderous fellow relentlessly stalked Luigi through various parts of the house, appearing in every random direction Luigi turned to. After cornering the horrified plumber, he seemed to kill Luigi Slender-style, causing Luigi to black out in static. While it was believed that Pylon Guy was just a figment of Luigi's imagination, it turned out he was real, standing in the doorway of the bedroom, giving Luigi a sly, evil grin.


The Pylon Man never truly speaks, but communicates through messages written on boards he holds infront of him. It IS known that he is purely evil and malicious,
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Evil grin

as he mercilessly stalks Luigi through the house, and obviously takes much delight in doing so, appearing everywhere Luigi turned. He eventually cornered the terrified plumber, and caused him to black out Slender-style. He seems be somewhat based off of both Slenderman and Jeff the Killer, as he can teleport
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in the shadow

in random locations and is playing a sic
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Pylon Guy behind Luigi

k game with the victim for his own amusement, like Slenderman, and corners and seemingly kills Luigi, even saying Jeff's famous catchphrase Go To Sleep.

He is one of the most darkest villains of the Cute Mario Bros series, possibly tieing with Gonzo, as he plays a sick game with Luigi, before killing him, while Gonzo doesn't waste time and gets down to business.


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