Spongebob in Cute Mario Bros The Movie.
Full Name Spongebob Squarepants
Species Plush
First Appearance Cute Mario Bros The Movie
Latest Appearance Cute Mario Bros The Movie

Spongebob is a character in Cute Mario Bros.


Cute Mario Bros The Movie

In Cute Mario Bros The Movie, Spongebob is part of Kermit's army, and betrayed Patrick Star because he was on Mario's army. Spongebob was killed by Goku after soaking up all the soda that he poured on him. Sponge couldn't walk and Goku threw him to the ground.

Revenge of Kermit

In Revenge of Kermit, a Spongebob basket with Spongebob & Squidward can be seen in one scene.

The Blue Terror

In The Blue Terror, some Spongebob stickers can be seen during Mario & Mickey's fight with Gonzo.

Death of Mario

In Death of Mario, Peach, Toad & Yoshi are watching Spongebob on TV when Mario was playing with the TV to scare them.

The Blue Terror Rises

In The Blue Terror Rises, Spongebob Makes a Cameo in the fire flower.


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