Cute Mario Bros - Summer Fun

Cute Mario Bros - Summer Fun

Summer Fun is the third of Cute Mario Bros.. In 2009, a sequel was created called Summer Fun 2, and in 2013, another sequel was created called Summer Fun 3.


Mario and Luigi are bored and have no clue what to do, and Mario suggests that they play outside because it's summer. First, Luigi rides his bike, but ends up crashing. Mario rides up to him in his scooter, and MarioMario8989, the cameraman, helps Luigi up. A few minutes later, Mario and Luigi arrive at the playground. Suddenly they find themselves buried with their heads poking out of the ground. They get out and play on the merry-go-round, which sends Luigi flying through the air. Next, Mario rides the bouncy motorcycle, but ends up crushing Luigi over and over as he does it. Next, Mario uses the excavator while Luigi relaxes, but buries him alive. After he realizes what he did, he digs Luigi out again. Next, Mario pushes Luigi on the swing, but gets hit as it comes on the rebound sending him flying to the fence. Luigi wants to go on the slide, but it's too big for them, so they slide down a mini-pipe. Lastly, they leave the playground and climb a tree, but Luigi falls down. Mario and Luigi then agree that it was a great day and go back home.