Super Luigi Odyssey!
Season 6
Episode Number 2
Released January 27th, 2018
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Super Luigi Odyssey! is the first episode of the sixth season of the Cute Mario Bros. The episode was originally released on January 27th, 2018, and currently has 2 million views.


The video begins with Mario playing Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch. Luigi the walks in the room, asking is Mario is playing Mario Odyssey, and asks if Luigi is a playable character in the game. Mario tells him no, which makes him furious. He runs off to his room, and decides to make his own version of Cappy, by sticking googly eyes on it. After a failed attempt, he goes to bed.

While Luigi is sleeping, Crappy becomes a sentient being, and walks around the house. When Luigi wakes up, he is surprised to find that his hat is missing. After asking Mario or Jack has taken it or seen it, he heads to a hat store run by Tom Nook from Animal Crossing. After looking over various hats, Luigi chooses a Mario hat, and Jack chooses a dunces cap.

When the trio returns from the store, they find Crappy running about in the house. Once he notices them, he escapes to underneath the couch, while the trio plot to trap him. After a failed trap, Mario and Luigi attempt to find him as he takes the form of a Tide bottle, a lava lamp and a dragon plush. Once Crappy posesses the dragon plush, he chases the brothers, who try and create a plan. They decide to splash him with water, which ultimately destroys his dragon body. After Crappy takes the from of a robot, he flies into a costume box, where he finally gets a body of his own.

Crappy thanks Luigi for his body, and promptly leaves the house. The scene then cuts to Mario, Luigi, and Jack watching a trailer for Luigi's Balloon World, leaving Luigi ecstatic. The video ends with Luigi pulling a spare hat out of his back pocket, being prepared as always.