Super Spy Luigi: Get the Glasses!
Super Spy Luigi - Episode 1 - Get the Glasses! (2006)

Super Spy Luigi - Episode 1 - Get the Glasses! (2006)

Season 1
Episode Number 0
Released 2006
Pilot Episode
Find Yoshi!

Super Spy Luigi: Get the Glasses! is an early episode of Cute Mario Bros. and the first Super Spy Luigi episode.


Luigi tells the audience that he is going to do some spy stuff. His first job is to go down the stairs and get Ricky's reading glasses. Luigi imagines jumping down the stairs but dies. His plan is to go down with a string, but explains that he can't tie it around his neck, and imagines accidentally getting hung by the cameraman, so he ties it around is overalls instead. Luigi is lowered down on the string, and swings to grab the wall. He unties the knot and slides down onto the rail, and jumps down to get the glasses. He grabs back onto the string and is lifted up by the cameraman. Luigi goes back to Ricky's room with the glasses. Ricky comes into his room and wonders how Luigi got his glasses, and then puts them on Luigi and leaves the room.



  • Luigi imagines getting killed by jumping down the stairs, even though he and Mario do this in several of the other episodes with little to no injury.
  • This is one of the few episodes made without Tyler.
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