The Great Prophecy is a story of how the world became destroyed 100 years into the future. Toadsworth shows Mario the Great Prophecy in The Rise of Gonzo Part 1.


The Great Prophecy is a giant paper like a comic book. The paper has pictures of how the world got destroyed.

The Prophecy

Long ago, the Mushroom Kingdom was defended by two brave warriors. One of red and one of green. Their names were Mario and Luigi. Many foes tried to take over the Mushroom Kingdom over the years. Their names were the Green Terror and the Blue Terror. However, they were both defeated. Little did they know the Blue Terror, Gonzo, survived. Meanwhile, Mario decided to start a rock band with his brother Luigi, Jack Skellington, and Bowser. The Blue Terror, Gonzo, disguised himself as an evil musical producer and tricked Luigi into becoming a self-scented sellowed jerk. When he succeded, Mario got so angry at Luigi, he left home for good. But little did he know Gonzo was waiting for him. After that fateful day, nobody ever saw Mario again. Luigi and his friends went into the forest to look for Mario. (The movie shows that Gonzo was waiting for them and defeated the trio.) They all met their end to that fateful day. After the downfall of Mario's friends, Gonzo went on a search for Mario. However, instead of finding Mario, he came across the Legendary Fire Flower. When Gonzo stepped across this power, he went crazy and destroyed everything. And that is how the world became what it is today.