Mario Does Not Like Pizza


The episode starts with Mario leaning near the window angrily. Luigi gives Mario some pepperoni pizza but he throws the pizza and makes Luigi scream and ran away.


Mario, Luigi, and Pikachu are sitting with Jack. Jack says the reason they are gathered around is so he can tell a joke. Luigi hates Jack's jokes and screamed. Jack then tells his joke about an M&M going to school because he wanted to be a Smartie. Mario admits to Jack that his joke was really cheesy, which insults Jack and makes him jump into the wall repeatedly.

Pikachu mentions that he's hungry, so Luigi shares the fact that he ordered pizza. Mario goes nuts and accidentally blows up Kermit after coming back from Banpresto. After two hours of waiting for the pizza, Mario gets upset and tells the pizza man that he is upset with his pizza. But the man does not care so Mario beats him up.

Mario eats the entire pizza and Pikachu insults him by calling him a pig. Mario gets upset again so Luigi cheers him up by going for a walk. Luigi accidentally hurts Mario feelings by saying that he loves pizza by showing him a Pizza Hut poster. Mickey is talking to Goofy.

Luigi shoves Goofy and asks for Mickey's help. They trick Mario into thinking that he'll get ice cream when Mickey hypnotized him. Mario wakes up in a room with spinning pizza. He is terrified and screamed "I DON'T WANT ANY PIZZA!". Soon, he wakes up loving it. The friends say sorry to Mario and Luigi thanks Mickey, although Mickey admits that the therapy was a load of crap .The friends go to get pizza but they find Jack inside sleeping in it.