Cute Mario Bros - The Sleepwalking Disorder

Cute Mario Bros - The Sleepwalking Disorder

The Sleepwalking Disorder

The Sleepwalking Disorder is the episode of Cute Mario Bros. This episode was directed by Julie Newton and created by Jacoby Davis. Luigi Was SleepWalking Out Of The Bedroom He Went Into A Box Of Cereal Luigi Wants A Night Light And He Still Wants To Go To Sleep.

Creator: Jacoby Davis

Storyboard Writers: Ricky Howard, Megan Daniel, Ben Perry

Writers: Ron Moore, Ethan Martin, George Williamson

Director: Julie Newton


Luigi begins waking up in random places, such as in a cereal box, so Mario and Jack get advice from Sylvester to do a stake-out. However, Mario and Jack fall asleep before anything happens, and when they wake up Luigi is Missing They then begin to search the house and find Bowser Jr's Cat chasing him around. After Luigi wakes up, they get help from Mickey who gives Luigi a night light. At the end, Luigi no longer sleepwalks, but the next morning, Mario is not in his bed, and Luigi finds him upside down in the blender.




  • Gonzo's foot can briefly be seen when mickey is in the cupboard looking for the night light. Mario's ghost costume from Halloween Special can also be seen at the same point.
  • Mario breaks the fourth wall in this episode at the point where the caption reads: "Later That Night".

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