Full Name Toadsworth
Species Toad
First Appearance The Blue Terror Rises

Toadsworth is a character in Cute Mario Bros. He is Mickey's friend.


Toadsworth is a old toad who is Mickey's friend. He lives in a box which is Toadsworth and Mickey's hideout along with Mickey. Before when Gonzo finds and uses the fireflower he's been studing the time stones for years that creates wormholes for space and time (formally as time and space). However after years past Gonzo sudennly uses fireflower to extinct humanity by burning homeworlds and the whole world by turning into nothing but a dump, but he and Mickey were the ones who survived.

The Third Movie

As he meets Mario, he explains why the world was like this as in the future. He also explains that using the time string would work for a multiple times but only for one person. He farewells Mario as Mario gets back to the past but Mickey told Mario that the time string was Toadworths the  so he Mario must be careful with it. Mario and Luigi get the key pieces from the ancestors of Toadsworth by doing multiple deeds. They start off by getting a magical herb from the Yet I Mountains to make tea (which greatly upset Mario) and saving Toadette from Kamek in the Desert Plains.


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